Cheats veggie chilli recipe

seeds-2908636_1920Most days, I try and be good and cook my meals from scratch. I don’t always succeed and, the further through the week I get, the harder it is to stay motivated. It’s the same when I have lots on, fresh food goes by the wayside.

In the warm weather, it’s not too bad – salads are always a quick and easy option – but on cold, dark, nights, it’s harder to not resort to soup or heat ‘n’ eats. This chilli is quick, simple, and veggie so stops me feeling too guilty about not slaving over a hot stove. It takes about 10 minutes to get everything in the pan and another 15 to cook and will easily serve 4 people.  The photo took doesn’t do it justice but I was in a bit of a rush…. Continue reading


Learning to Say No

One of the things I was looking forward to when I finished work last September and started working for myself was the control I thought I would have. No more having to get up at five in the morning because my manager needed me to go to a meeting at the other end of the country that lasted all of an hour (what’s wrong with a phone call I ask you?), no more working weekends because I was given something to do at 4:55 on a Friday afternoon that was needed by 9:05 on a Monday morning, and no more having to smile and say “yes, of course,” when I really wanted to say the complete opposite and turn the air blue.


For the most part, I am pleased to say my move into self-employment has been pretty successful. There’s been no more early, early mornings and only a few late, late nights. Where I am struggling, though, is the not saying yes part. I am just no good at it and, after a recent conversation where my brain was screaming at me to say no but I still said yes, I’ve decided I need to do something about it. And not just when it comes to work but in life in general, where I am just as bad if I’m honest. Continue reading

Simple websites (and why I need one)

Back in January, I wrote about my plan to set-up a website for my new life as a freelancer. I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy – nowhere near as easy as setting up my blog, and definitely not as easy as I thought it would be. It’s there, but it’s not great and I haven’t been sharing it with many people as a result.


Recently, I attended a networking event with people doing exactly what I do and the need for a website couldn’t have been brought home to me more; each of the twenty-odd people round the table said most of their work comes through their websites, which is a huge benefit for them as small business owners and sole traders, and would be a huge benefit for me. Continue reading

Places to Visit: Brodsworth Hall & Gardens

A few years ago, we joined English Heritage.  It was one of the best things we could every have done.  Every year, rain and shine, we find new places to visit and go back to ones we have had fun at before.  Going through old photos recently, I was reminded of Brodsworth Hall & Gardens, which we visited last summer on a slightly grey day.

BHG Side View

Brodsworth Hall is just outside Doncaster in North Yorkshire. It’s a Victorian country house built in the Italianate style and has barely changed since it was built the 1860s. When English Heritage took over the property in the late 80s, they decided to conserve rather than restore the furnishings, showing the house as it was, not what it had been. To see inside, you need to book a tour but it’s well worth it. To preserve the house, you can’t take photos but I can say it was fascinating to walk around, like going back in time.

After the tour, we spent the afternoon in the gardens, which have been fully restored as grand gardens in miniature and were full of colour.
Continue reading

Stepping too it: quick tips to increase your daily steps

sport, healthy lifestyle and objects concept - close up of dumbbLast year, I got a fitbit and quickly became addicted to…o.k., maybe obsessed with…getting steps.  It tied in nicely with my overall plan to get fit and helped keep me motivated and moving, both of which I needed, and I set myself the target of 10,000 steps a day – which is the number recommended by pretty much every website out there.

I thought it would be easy.  It wasn’t.  I have a desk-based job and – it turns out – rarely took more than 5,000 steps a day unless I was on the road or rushing between meetings. So, slowly, I built up my steps, adding activities that would help me reach that magic number.  It worked and now, without too much effort, I regularly hit my new target of 12,500.

I mentioned it on twitter a while ago and found I wasn’t alone in the need of adding steps so I thought I’d share some of my favourite tricks for getting moving… Continue reading

Tried & Tested: Pro-5 Collagen Bee Venom Day Moisturiser


So, I am on a bit of a Skin Chemist kick at the moment, having recently started using their facial oil and thanks to a few good deals right after Christmas that let me try a brand I had always fancied but found too expensive.  The facial oil was good, though not as good as my usual brand – which I will be returning to – and so is the Bee Venom Day Moisturiser, which promises to keep my skin hydrated and smooth from morning till night.

The bee venom is the bit that got me, I have to admit, with it’s claim to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and that forever chased “more youthful-looking complexion”.  Apparently, it tricks the skin into thinking it’s been stung and brings blood to the surface, creating a plumping affect and stimulating collagen production. Because of it though, before you try it you have to do a sample test to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction.  That done, you are ready to go.

After a month, here’s what I think… Continue reading

Reasons to be Happy (part one)

Abraham Lincoln said, “Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds to be.”  At least I think it was Lincoln.  Whoever said it, it’s very true.  This week, I was feeling more than a bit grumpy.  I was working on a project that wasn’t inspiring me at all and – over on my book blog – a reading slump was getting me down; not even my favourite author could get me back in the groove.

Then, last night, sat with a glass of wine and an episode of Real Housewives, I had a bit of a lightbulb moment.  Life really wasn’t that bad and the things that were getting me down just weren’t worth getting down about at all.  I went to bed feeling a little lighter and determined to see the good and feel the happy…. Continue reading