Tried and Tested: Pure Freeze Dried Cat Food

This is my cat, Lucky.  To say he fits his name perfectly is probably an understatement according to family and friends – in that he’s lucky to have found people to take care of him that basically spoil him to death.  He is so loving though, a constant purr machine, that it’s impossible for us not to!


As a result, though, he’s ended up quite particular.  He likes to be the centre of attention and he likes things “his way”.  That’s definitely the case when it comes to food.  When we adopted him, the cat rescue centre sent us home with a bag of food they said he’d been eating.  He wouldn’t touch it.  Cue mad panic shopping to find something he would eat.  Continue reading


Tried and Tested: OM Cleanse & Glow Konjac Sponge

I am a bit of a fan of beauty boxes, and in one of my latest orders I received an OM Cleanse & Glow Konjac Sponge, which was in the most gorgeous packaging and intrigued me greatly as a) I hadn’t heard of it before and b) it looked kind of cool and funky.


First up, I’ll apologise for the picture, which doesn’t do the packaging justice – it’s quite hard to take a picture of clear plastic and, no matter what the background I used, I couldn’t get a decent shot.  Saying that, they aren’t much better on the company website so maybe I shouldn’t feel too bad?

The poor photography shouldn’t put you off the product though, which I’ve been enjoying using these last few weeks, though it does have some downsides I’m not convinced will work for me in the longer term.  Continue reading