Favourite things #4: The Christmas Edition

christmas-card-2999091_1280.pngChristmas is my favourite time of year (even after realising this week I had forgotten to write my Christmas cards!).  I love everything about it – bar the shopping – and always have.  There is something about it that takes me back to being a kid and, as the big day approaches, my excitement builds and I start counting sleeps (not very mature, I know, but who cares right?). Continue reading “Favourite things #4: The Christmas Edition”

Music for Monday: It's Christmas #2

Morning all and welcome to another start of the week.  Did you get snow?  We did – not as much as I’d like but enough to make me hope for a White Christmas (all fingers and toes are now crossed).  In keeping with the season, and following on from last weeks Music for Monday, I’m sharing another three of my favourite Christmas songs because, cheesy as they are, I just can’t get enough. Continue reading “Music for Monday: It's Christmas #2”

My Sunday Photo: Candlelight

I love this time of year. The dark nights, the Christmas lights, the cheesy music, and the candles that I seem to be constantly burning. It’s just so much nicer than anything else. I started messing around to try and get a decent shot of a candle’s flame. Then I gave up and just took this, a glowing candle on a dark night.
What about you – are you a candle burner?
Emma x
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Music for Monday: It's Christmas!

It’s finally December, the season where even the most hardened hipster (a.k.a. known as my husband) lets their hair down and gives in to the most cheesiest music on the planet.   It only happens once a year but that’s what makes it so special.  For the next 21 days, I will be able to revel in some of the worst music out there without ruining my indie-cred.
In fact, I’ve already started.  As the first rolled around, we went away for the weekend and I spent three hours listening to Slade, Shaky, and Mud.  I don’t care what the nay-sayers like The Guardian say, or how many times I hear the same songs, it makes me happy, especially when I’m getting to sing along badly with others.
So, in honour of the season for the next three weeks I’m going to share three of my favourite Christmas songs.  Feel free to weep or sing along.  I’ve seen both with some of these…. Continue reading “Music for Monday: It's Christmas!”