Raspberry Cheesecake Mousse Recipe

seeds-2908636_1920I may be the least romantic person on the planet. My husband isn’t much better and we decided a fair few years ago to not worry about exchanging valentine cards.  We do, however, try and sit down to a nice meal to mark the occasion and open a bottle of fizz (though to be fair, any day is an excuse for fizz as far as I’m concerned).
Last year, I went all out and made a rather romantic desert, if I do say so myself.  To be fair, it’s mainly romantic because I put it in a heart-shaped dish.  Otherwise, it’s just a great pudding for anytime of the year, well it is if you like raspberries…. Continue reading “Raspberry Cheesecake Mousse Recipe”

My Sunday Photo: Sunny morning walks

As long as it isn’t raining, I try to get out for a walk.  When I have time, I head off the pavements and into the fields by my house.  There are always great views but it does help when it’s sunny…
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January in a sentence a day

I first came across this post on Natalie the Explorer’s blog and thought it was great. She, and some other bloggers, share their month in a sentence a day. I thought it would be fun to join in, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last few months.  I’m really enjoying looking back on what I’d been up to – and feeling grateful for all the good in my life. So, here’s what I did in January… Continue reading “January in a sentence a day”

Finding my inner "zen"

quotes-933816_1920I’ve always been a “stresser”, one of those people that over-think everything and look at it from every angle before making the decision that – nine times out of ten – I instinctively wanted to in the first place.  I find it hard to switch off, to let go, and just enjoy the moment. I know I’m not alone out there, and we all – I think – have our stress triggers, things that set us off and send us down the rabbit hole into sleepless nights or over-eating or drinking etc. etc. etc. Continue reading “Finding my inner "zen"”

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