Decisions, decisions

32Just over a year ago, I took a new job – a promotion with my current company.  It was a strange time, making the decision to accept the role as I wasn’t sure it was right for me but it seemed like too good an opportunity to turn down.
Why not for me?  It meant managing staff for one, something I hadn’t done much of before and hadn’t really enjoyed when I had.  Then there was the volume of work and the amount of potential travel involved.  I talked all these through with my manager (who I would be replacing as she’d also been promoted), family and friends.
My manager reassured me the support would be there and the amount of travel would be down to me.  My family and friends said if I didn’t try, I wouldn’t know….one person in a similar position had taken the “no” route and regretted it ever since, convinced she could do a better job than the person who eventually got it.   Continue reading “Decisions, decisions”

TV shows I wasn't ready to say goodbye to

Recently, we finished watching The Leftovers, one of my favourite shows in recent years.  It’s got to be a good month since it ended.  Yet, I am still thinking about it and still feeling slightly bereft at the idea that there won’t be anymore.

It doesn’t matter that the writers and producers were bringing the show to the end they wanted….I just want more, especially as I only got three years of what the Guardian described as a “delightful, beguiling, thematically rich programme that’s perfectly written and exquisitely acted“.
Anyway, it got me thinking about the shows I have loved, and “lost”, over the years and how I can’t resist revisiting them thanks to the wonder that is Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. They aren’t necessarily the best shows ever made and some had, if I’m honest, probably ran their course. But still… Continue reading “TV shows I wasn't ready to say goodbye to”

Welcome to every new me…

Hi and welcome to my blog. I’m Emma, a forty-something wife, mother and worker-bee (not necessarily in that order).  I’m also a book blogger (you can check me out here).  Recently, I’ve been feeling the itch to write about more than books and, whilst I could change the way my book blog works, I already post there most days and didn’t want to overwhelm people following me there with posts they, quite frankly, might not be interested in (not to say there will be much of interest here either – well, other than to me).  So…
…I decided to start a new blog, Every New Me, one that lets me share my thoughts and feelings on things that interest me in the none reading hours.  As a bit of a magpie in life, that could be anything.  I look crafting, cooking, travelling, and learning new things.  I sometimes try and get healthy and have a love of beauty lotions and potions that I thought it might be fun to review.
See, a magpie.  Still, they do say variety is the spice of life and I’m excited to be starting something new.  I hope you might find something between the posts too – and if you do, let me know and one of the main reasons I love blogging is the comments and meeting new people (virtually at least).
Enjoy and thanks for visiting.
Emma x

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