November in a sentence a day

I came across this post on Natalie the Explorer’s blog and thought it was great. She, and some other bloggers, share their month in a sentence a day. I thought it would be fun to join in, a way to record just what I’d been up to.  So, here’s what I did…
1st: Went to my daughter’s parent / teacher evening and heard that, after a tough start, she has settled in to year 3 really well (phew!)
2nd: Got to sit and drink tea with my mom for the afternoon, catching up on nothing much but still having fun.
3rd: Started planning a girls weekend away (for the following Friday) – there’ll be people there I haven’t seen in a year so looking forward to catching up.
4th: Not the greatest day as my cat got a nasty cut on his leg and I ended up in the emergency vets until 2 in the morning.  I won’t tell you how much poorer I now am – and that’s with pet insurance!  On the blog: French Toast (with an ice-cream twist)
5th: Bonfire night.  We didn’t go out because my daughter isn’t one for loud bangs but we did “cheat” and watch our local display from the upstairs bedroom; not quite as spectacular but neither is a screaming child!
6th: Started my Christmas shopping (very early for me, though I appreciate not for others) – not that I bought anything but I at least have a lot of good ideas now.
7th: Trampolining class – mine (I know, I’m old but I refuse to accept my body is).  Learnt back bounces.  My muscles ached for a week.
8th: Sat in car dealership for over an hour to find out my car failed it’s MOT for a blown license plate bulb.  Then sat in a coffee shop for a further two hours whilst they replaced said bulb.  I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere about how many mechanics it takes to replace a bulb….
9th: Door knocking for my local labour party candidate as part of by-election for the council.  Finding this more fun and less scary than I ever thought it would be.  On the blog: Made it myself (now to take a decent photo!).
10th: Girls night out in London – meaning I sat on a train for three hours first but well worth it.  This is a group of women I used to work with and we all got let go at the same time.  Six years later, we still meet up every six months, which I think is great.  The night was so much fun…can’t wait for next May when we have our next “reunion” – I will probably be over my hangover by then!
11th: McDonalds for breakfast (because what is better after a night on the town) then another long train journey home.  Managed to finish a whole book (Tonight You’re Dead by Viveca Sten – you can check out the review on my book blog here).
12th: Went to the cenotaph for Remembrance Sunday service, which we do every year.  Then home for Sunday lunch with mom and dad.
13th: Another night of door knocking for the by-election, this time at night.  It was cold but so good to meet people on the doorstep and talk to them about their concerns.
14th: New couch arrived.  So nice to have something with springs in it after waiting more than a while to find something I liked.  On the blog: Made it myself: “Orangey” Red Cabbage.
15th: Meant to paint the downstairs bathroom.  Ended up watching TV and reading my latest book for most of the day (too achy from the previous days trampoline class!).
16th: Ran 3K, the longest I’ve ever run.  Am hoping to be reporting 5K before the end of the month.  Now I’d just like to see all this exercise help me lose weight or tighten up!  On the blog: Stepping outside my comfort zone.
17th: Non-uniform day for my daughter at school = fashion crisis.  At the risk of making her sound spoiled she has too many clothes.  On the blog: Tried and Tested: OM Cleanse & Glow Konjac Sponge.
18th: Took my daughter and one of her best friends trampolining (because she doesn’t get enough at her two classes a week right?).  They haven’t hung out in what seems like forever so was great to see them play.
19th: Went to watch our trampoline club (do you see a theme here of our favourite thing to do) abseil from the local transporter bridge.  It was scary just to watch but all for a good cause (the club needs new equipment).  Now my husband wants to try it…brave man!  Then girls night with my daughter as my husband was at his baseball team’s Christmas Dinner.
20th: Signed up for some new freelance sites as I prepare for my push in January with the freelance work.  This will be a bit of a watching and waiting game to see if the sites are legit and have the type of work I want to do.
21st: Daughter’s school disco (Christmas coming early) so had a house full of kids getting dressed at ours as we are five minutes from the school.  Had them fed, changed and back at the party in less than an hour – score!
22nd: Spent the day Christmas shopping.  Other than one present and the food I am officially all done.  This has never happened before and it feels strange.  On the blog: Made it myself: Coffee Sugar Scrub.
23rd: Spent the morning door knocking for the local election (my candidate won – yay!) then make Cola Ham and apple pie for Thanksgiving.  Avoided all Black Friday sales.  On the blog: Giving thanks for family and friends (and not the sales).
24th: Craft fair at the local school.  I planned on using it to buy presents but as I was all done I just bought cake.  Mmmmm cake!
25th: Up to Newcastle for a Martin Stephenson and the Daintees gig.  This is an annual tradition with my best friend, letting us flash back to our teenage selves.  Laughed, drank and danced the night away.  Can’t wait for next year.  If you fancy giving my favourite songs of his a listen, click here.
26th: Woke up a bit worse for wear but managed to go for a run before delicious Sunday lunch at my mom and dads and then a nap when we got home.
27th: Spent the day applying for freelance jobs.  It was long, dare I say boring, and I’m not sure much will come of it given the number of other people applying.  I’m not convinced by these sites but we’ll see.
28th: Spent a couple of hours on FaceTime catching up with a friend who was off work and without kids so it’s the perfect time.  Normally there are children in the background and we don’t have time to talk.  Lovely.  Then the rain started.
29th: Rain, rain and more rain.  Attempted to go for a run between the downpours as the 5K is still eluding me.  Managed 15 minutes and came home soaked.
30th: The rain was replaced by snow!  Yay! I love snow.  My cat didn’t and spent the day either whining by the window or hiding out in my daughter’s trampoline.  Day ended in a snowball fight – you can’t get anything better.
And that’s it.  I’ve really enjoyed looking back on the month.  It’s made me smile and made me realise how lucky I am.  I look forward to December.  What about you – what did you get up to in November?
Emma x

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  1. Thanks, for the mention, Emma. Your November sounded great, except for the cat and the car bulb. Congrats on running 3K! Keep up your running and you’ll see results., guaranteed. My November post will be on my blog December 6 or 7.

    1. No worries. I thought yours last month was so fun to read. Remember to keep a note of what I did was hard though. Thankfully the cat and the cat are both ok now!

  2. Gosh, what an eventful month, and a clever idea! It’s so easy to forget what happens day-to-day, but documenting it like this is a great way to remember it all 🙂 Imagine looking back at this in a few years time!

    1. It was – more than I had realised – I loved looking back and going back a year and seeing what I was doing would be an eye opener I bet. Thanks for stopping by x

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