TV shows I wasn't ready to say goodbye to

Recently, we finished watching The Leftovers, one of my favourite shows in recent years.  It’s got to be a good month since it ended.  Yet, I am still thinking about it and still feeling slightly bereft at the idea that there won’t be anymore.

It doesn’t matter that the writers and producers were bringing the show to the end they wanted….I just want more, especially as I only got three years of what the Guardian described as a “delightful, beguiling, thematically rich programme that’s perfectly written and exquisitely acted“.
Anyway, it got me thinking about the shows I have loved, and “lost”, over the years and how I can’t resist revisiting them thanks to the wonder that is Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. They aren’t necessarily the best shows ever made and some had, if I’m honest, probably ran their course. But still…
First up is always Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I think had few duff episodes in it’s seven year run. It’s hard to believe it’s 20 years old now – well, maybe not when you watch the quality of the episodes on your lovely HD TV – or miss it’s influence on so much of what we watch today with it’s mix of horror and humour and cultural references.

Next up is Grimm (these aren’t necessarily in any order but there is a nice segue here as the producers of this show also worked on Buffy and it’s spin off Angel).

I loved Grimm because it had monsters and demons and a good sense of humour.  Plus Nick (the Grimm himself) had his own gang of scoobies – friends, supernatural and otherwise – who helped him out and made him a little more human and a little less superhuman.  The end, when it came, felt rushed to me, though I know it was planned.
The end of Southland didn’t feel like an end of a series at all, more like a season cliffhanger – and what a one!  I read afterwards that the cast, crew, and writers etc. didn’t know if it would be renewed and now I’ll never know what happened to some of my favourite characters.

One of the reasons I loved Southland was the acting. The other was the gritty storylines. They seemed (were?) ripped from the pages and made me realise just how scary life must be as a police officer – not something I could do.
I could quite happily be a witch, however, with the power to make things float and the like. One of my favourite shows of recent times, even though it was more than a bit cheesy was Witches of the East End, which got cancelled after two seasons. I can’t say I’m completely surprised but I am still a little miffed that I will never know what happened after what was a great season cliffhanger.

Of course, there are lot of others out there I miss too but these feel like they have left a bit of a hole. What about you – what shows do you miss – or are there some you are glad are gone?

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