Music for Mondays: El Camino by Elizabeth Cook

So one of my not-so-guilty secrets is a love of country music, mainly female country singers with a bit of attitude.  Every now and again, I have to spend an afternoon listening to them, songs that are always so damn catchy and lift my spirits, even if the subject matter isn’t always sunshine and flowers.
Feeling a bit blah about the state of the country and the world at the moment, a pick-me-up is just what I’ve needed this last week and so I’ve been listening to old favourites on my runs.  This one, El Camino by Elizabeth Cook, has one of those choruses that always finds me singing along.

What about you – what music is on repeat on your playlist this week?
Emma x

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  1. There is something about country music that grows on you. I used to hate it…but after living in Central California for so many years, it started to feel natural…and even good. LOL.
    When I was a bit younger, I used to go to a local restaurant/bar where they regularly had country music from a group called The Ramblin’ Band. I loved hearing them. They sang the oldies, the music you can find on the Urban Cowboy soundtrack.
    Thanks for sharing….

    1. There really is. I have to say I looked down my nose at it for years then a friend convinced me to go line dancing and I didn’t look back. I think live it’s even better. So much fun to watch.

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