Favourite things #2

favourite things
I am an eternal collector of things – material and otherwise – and constantly on the search for new experiences, small and large.  Often, I become slightly obsessed and things become my “favourites” until something else comes along to obsess about.  Every now and then I thought it would be fun to share these favourites (I last did it at the end of August) – and maybe you can let me know what you are loving right now too – so I can find my next obsession?
So, what am I loving?


…yes, for the first time in 30 years, I have gotten on a trampoline and I am loving it, though my muscles might not same the thing.  I started classes two weeks ago after my daughters trampoline club started adult lessons (I figured “why not?”) and now spend my Tuesday nights bouncing up and down, occasionally falling, and laughing a lot – and my Wednesdays groaning every time I stand up.  There is something so liberating about it, this feeling of weightlessness if only for a few seconds and it brings back that childhood joy of just letting go, something I miss out on in too many things in life.


Candles 1
…with the nights drawing in, there is nothing nicer than candles (it is too light too late where I live to use them in the summer).  I love the way candles make a room feel – warm and cosy – and lets not forget the fact they can make an average evening just a bit more romantic.  I love that they come in all shapes, sizes, shade and smells.  My favourite right now isn’t the prettiest tin but the smell – it’s is amazing – Bergamot and Mint by Oliver Bonas.


…because I have the time now I’m not constantly working.  The Mary Berry cook book is back off the shelf and working overtime (I don’t think I did a bad job recreating her Raspberry and Apple Muffins did I?).  One of the things I like best about baking is that it’s something I can do with my daughter, who worships at the Berry Baking Alter.  We bake every weekend now, re-making favourite family recipes (see my apple crumble from earlier in the week) or trying something new courtesy of one of my many cook books.

Bath oil…

…which is actually a perennial favourite but especially right now after I was given a bottle of aromatherapy associates bath oil as part of my leaving present from work.  Normally, aromatherapy associates are saved for Christmas and birthday presents as it’s a bit expensive so using it outside of those times feels especially decadent and I’m rationing myself to one bath a week (well, one bath with oil – I do bathe other days too!).  As the one I got was the de-stress muscle bath, which according the website is perfect after a workout, it is saved for Tuesday trampolining nights.  The other thing I love about it – the smell – it is amazing, made up of Rosemary, Black Pepper, Lavender and Ginger, and lingers long after my bath.  Gorgeous!
And that’s it for my favourites for now.  What about you – what can’t you get enough of at the moment?
Emma x

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