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One of the things I know I love when I’m discovering a new blog is finding out more about the blogger themselves, who they are, what they like, and what makes them tick.  Figuring I’m not the only one and knowing that my about page is short and sweet (as was my welcome post), I thought it might be fun to share a little bit more about who I am and what I love – to help you get to know me.  Given my magpie nature, the loves could end up being a lengthy list, so I thought I’d start with five for today and maybe share some more later down the line…if you think they are interesting enough that is!
So, without further ado, here are a few of my favourite things right now…

Peppermint Tea

O.k. so maybe not the most exciting thing but I can’t get enough of the stuff ever since I grew my own peppermint plant.  Before that my experiences had been being presented with some dark yellow liquid that didn’t look particularly appetising and left a strange chewing gum like taste in my mouth that didn’t seem to want to go away.  Now, I make myself lovely cups of pale green tea that has a light, delicate, taste and fragrance to match.  Plus I feel nice and refined, drinking it in a china tea cup (well you have to don’t you?).

Sweet Peas

imageA little bit of a theme here in that this is something else I have grown for the first time this year.  First off, I didn’t know they would be so easy to grow and maintain.  Second off the flowers keep coming and coming and have the most gorgeous scent.
They have been gracing my window sill since the start of the summer and currently show no sign of going away (though I know they will).  The only downside – once cut, they don’t last long *sigh*.


imageThis was possibly one of my best birthday presents ever as I have such a love of lotions and potions but not always the money to spend on them.  Now I get a monthly supply of things to try out in sample sizes, plus a full size item that so far has hit the mark every time.  Along the way I’ve discovered some great new brands (good for me, not so much for my bank balance).  Oh, and they all come in a lovely box that builds the anticipation once it arrives.


imageI feel like if there was a support group for shoe-a-holics, I would have to join.  I have too many pairs – it’s a fact that I like to ignore until I look in my closet and realise there is no room for anything else.  My favourite pair right now should be more suited for the holiday season as they are covered in silver glitter but I just can’t resist a bit of bling every now and then and shoes with a sparkle hit the mark.


We’re about two weeks back from our holiday now and I still haven’t stopped raving about the place.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the limited information in the guidebooks and, if I’m honest, the going was based on our first holiday choice being too expensive for when we needed to travel and a slight obsession with the TV show Grimm, which is set there. What I found was a gorgeous city – clean, friendly, individual, and so full of trees and open spaces I feel I didn’t have enough time to explore – I can’t wait to go back (which will hopefully be this time next year) and for twice as long.  And yes, there is a city somewhere in all those trees.
What about you – what makes you happy or what can’t you get enough of right now?
Emma x

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