My Sunday Photo – Roses

Today, I am sharing my first My Sunday Photo. This one was taken on a recent holiday to the International Rose Test Garden, Portland. Never have I seen so many roses! I loved the colour on these, though there was – unfortunately- no scent to match the beauty.

Emma x
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  1. I read your book blog, so it was lovely to stumble upon this blog of yours whilst taking part in My Sunday Photo, Emma. I read your welcome post, and like you, I have a separate blog to my book one (Reading With Jade) as I like to talk about more than just books, but I don’t like to bombard to those that are just there for books.
    Lovely capture, although one of the beauties of roses is of course there scent so it’s a shame they were lacking. Will you be sharing anymore from your holiday to Portland?

    1. Thank you. Oddly, there were so few roses in the garden with any smell. I was really disappointed. Yes, this blog is a work in progress but I do want to share the rest burbling through my brain x

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