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Summer Fun ListIn four weeks, school will be breaking up and my daughter and I will have six weeks to fill because, while my poor husband has to work, I don’t (yay!) – well not much.  We’re already talking about what we’ll do and praying for good weather.  Over on Natalie the Explorer, I saw a Summer Fun List and thought it sounded like a great idea.  It means we can have a plan of sorts and won’t get to September thinking “why didn’t we do xyz?”
So, yesterday, we sat down in between watching England play football and decided what we wanted to do.  We’ve come up with eight things, which I’ll write about as we do them (if I find the time).  I’ll be honest, some of them are already planned, but are still things that we’re looking forward to…

  1. Spend a day at the seaside – easy enough with one 20 minutes away and will likely be something we do more than once
  2. Go to an amusement park – this is a big one for my daughter who hasn’t liked them up till now
  3. Climb a mountain – a bit of creative license here as it’s really a very, very big hill close to our house
  4. Make our own ice lollies – shouldn’t be too difficult right?
  5. Go on holiday – not a hard one as this is already booked (so I might make a separate holiday fun list for that)
  6. Go camping – again, not too hard as we’re already planning that at the end of the summer break
  7. Learn the ukulele – a bit more tricky as I have no musical talent but my daughter got a ukulele for her birthday in April and really wants to learn it so I’ve said we’ll hit YouTube and learn together
  8. Go to an open air theatre – I’ve done this once before and loved it but we’ve never taken my daughter.  I envision a stately home, a rolling lawn and a picnic.

Hopefully there is enough of a mix of big and small things here to keep us busy and out and about.  What about you – have you done any of these things? what’s on your summer fun list?
Emma x
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