Tried & Tested: Skin Chemists Rose Quartz Lip Plump

Over the last six months, after never having used any Skin Chemists products before, I’ve become a bit of a fan.  After starting with their Whitening & Lightening Nourishing Facial Oil, I moved onto the Pro-5 Collagen Bee Venom Day Moisturiser (my favourite so far).  Lately, I’ve been using their Rose Quartz Youth Defence Lip Plump.
Rose Quartz Lip Plump 2
This peppermint scented lip balm / gloss combo promises to deliver a “fuller pout without the pain and commitment of fillers” at the same time as hydrating your lips, leaving them soft and glossy.  All of this possible thanks to the Kiss Me Quick plant, which is used to produce the main ingredient – Volulip – and is supposed to stimulate your lips to produce hyaluronic acid.  The Peppermint oil then encourage blood to circulate, resulting in the promised pout.
While I don’t necessarily want to look like someone from TOWIE, as I’ve aged my lips have become thinner and it’s a sign of aging I’d like to reverse, even if only temporarily.  And, with this lip plump, it is temporary.  After applying, my lips immediately tingle and I notice a small improvement.  It doesn’t last unfortunately, at least not long enough for me.
Why then do I keep using it?  Because I love the smell and I love how my lips feel afterwards.  The plumping may be temporary but the soft lips promised aren’t.  There is a noticeable difference since I started using it on how my lips feel – they are much less dry and my lipstick has been looking much better.
Which all leaves me with mixed feelings about the product…

The Pros

  • Gorgeous packaging (as always!)
  • Wonderful peppermint smell which perks you up as soon as you open it
  • Soft, smooth, lips that last long after you’ve used the product
  • Good value for money when I think what it cost and how long it’s lasted

The Cons

  • Doesn’t deliver the promised pout, well not for long
  • Not worth the money if the pout is your priority

Money-willing, as the pros outweigh the cons, I would buy this product again and I’d feel ok about it as I know what I’m getting.  However, I think if I wanted to see really noticeably fuller lips, I’d probably pass.  What do you think – have you tried this product yourself? Would you recommend it?
Emma x
Please note: I purchased this product myself and was not asked to provide a review.  

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