Playing the Minimalism Game (aka #minsgame) – An Update

desktop-3261768_1920A month ago, I wrote about how I was taking part in the #minsgame in an attempt to cut back on the amount of ‘stuff’ I own.  The idea was on day one, you chose one item to get rid of, on day two, you chose two items and so on until you go to the end of the month and have gotten rid of 496 items (in a 31 day month).  

Where I was the last time I posted

In my last post, I was a week in and had gotten rid of 84 items.  I was already feeling better – lighter and more in control of my home because, as a bit of a pack rat, I have often felt like I was drowning in things – things I knew I didn’t need but had a fear of getting rid of.  After 31 days of saying bye to things, I think it’s a fear I’m over – in fact, as I only made it halfway through the house, I’m thinking of doing the game again.

Where I ended up by the end of the #minsgame

So what went? Where do I start – I got rid of:

  • make up that was out of date
  • sample sizes for things I will never use (beard oil, for example, when neither my husband or I have beards!)
  • clothes that no longer fit me or made me feel good when I wore them
  • clothes that no longer fit my daughter, who grows like a weed
  • shoes, belts and handbags
  • items I had more than one of, when one was all I needed (I seem to have developed quite a hairbrush collection)
  • books I have read and won’t read again
  • magazines – with the one recipe I was keeping them for torn out
  • broken toys and ones my daughter no longer plays with – plus a collection of McDonald’s toys that seem to be in every corner of her room despite the fact we hardly ever eat there

The only problem I had is that I didn’t think about the fact I was on holiday for a week in the middle of the game, which meant I only finished last week.  It was also harder to find the time to find the items in the later days.  For all that, though, it was so worth it.  In total, because I got rid of more items in the first week than I needed to, I have gotten rid of 547 items and I can’t wait to get rid of more.
Have you played the #minsgame – how did you do?

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