May in a Sentence a Day

sentence a day.jpgI first came across this post on Natalie the Explorer’s blog and thought it was great. She, and some other bloggers, share their month in a sentence a day. I thought it would be fun to join in, though I’m not that good at limiting my days to just one sentence.  It’s good to look back at what I’ve been up to and makes me feel grateful for the good in my life.  So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve been up to.
1st: Started the #minsgame minimalist challenge.
2nd: Went litter picking with a local community group (a way to give back and build up my steps – a win / win)
3rd: More volunteering, this time helping deliver leaflets for a local councillor (more steps!).  On the blog, my April recap.
4th: TGIF! Went to the pub and ate the best fish and chips. On the blog, why I’m no longer precious about what grows in my garden.
weeds instead of roses
5th: Date night with my husband.  Was supposed to be a micro-pub crawl that ended in the second pub where we met a friend and spent the rest of the evening setting the world to rights.  I love when evenings go like this.
6th: Mother and daughter day as husband is away playing baseball.  Let the season of being a baseball widow begin!
7th: Bank Holiday Monday.  Went for a picnic to Bowes Museum and watched the silver swan catch a silver fish (you need to check out the website to understand).
8th: Back to work and back to reality after a wonderful long weekend.  Another new client to try and make happy (so far, it seems to be working!). On the blog, a post about how I’m finding friends in my forties.
friends 1
9th and 10th: Two busy, busy days at work as off on the 11th and don’t want anything hanging over me.  So, early mornings and late nights and not much else. On the blog, an update on how I’m doing on the #minsgame.

11th: Away in the Scottish lowlands for a girls weekend and a 60th birthday celebration.  Accidently came across a folk festival and had a blast listening to live music.
12th: Late drive back home after spending the morning recovering from the night before.
13th: Took daughter to see Infinity Wars, which was fun, followed by pizza to make up for not seeing her the last two days.
14th: Meeting for a community event I’m involved in planning to celebrate 90 years since the Representation of the People Act which gave men and women over 21 the equal right to vote.
15th: A bog-standard work day.  Nothing to report. On the blog, I wrote about my dream kitchen.
16th: Another meeting for another community project I’m involved in (so much more fun than work!).  This one is for the Battle of Stockton, a little known piece of local history (find out more on Facebook).
17th and 18th: Crazy days at work finishing off a few projects.
19th: Took my daughter trampolining.  Sat on a bench until my bum went numb.
20th: Another day as a baseball widow.  Went out with friends as the sun was shining.
21st: Start of a long week of being a single parent as my husband is away for work.  My hat goes off to every full-time single parent – being mum and dad 24/7 is hard work.  On the blog, I tried and tested natural deodorant (headline: it works and I’m a convert!).
22nd: Cat sitting for my mom and dad on top of everything else so early morning to go let her out.  Roll on Friday!
23rd: Husband back for the evening before heading off again first thing Thursday morning.  Drank a glass of wine then slept like the dead. On the blog, I was a little less wasteful, making breadcrumbs out of stale bread.
24th: Started to tidy the house to get read for my MIL’s visit.
25th: Finished tidying house. School’s out for half-term.  On the blog, my last post before I took a week off – I asked what is lip primer and why do I need it?
26th: Went door knocking for local labour party then picked MIL up from train station.
27th: Went to Mount Grace Priory where their arts and crafts garden is just starting to come into bloom then had a lovely Sunday lunch in a nearby pub.
28th: A windy trip to the seaside so my MIL could see the petrified forest before it’s covered in sand from another thousand years (this is a photo from the last time we went but you get an idea of what it’s like).
29th: A trip to Carlisle Castle to see the poppies weeping window sculpture followed by a quick stop at Gretna Green and Hadrian’s wall before a scenic drive home over the Pennines.
30th: Stayed closer to home today with afternoon tea – mmmmm cake!
31st: Another long day, this time to Liverpool to see the Terracotta Warriors.  Not as good as I’d hoped but a trip to the Cavern Club to listen to Beatles covers made up for it.
And that’s it – a slow start to what ended up being a busy month due to a visit from my MIL and a plan to show her as much as possible in a week (she’s over from the states so only comes once a year).  What about you, what have you been up to?
Emma x

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