Dreaming of my dream kitchen and a roof that will let me see the stars…

Since moving into our house a couple of years ago, my husband and I have been planning on having our garage converted and kitchen extended.  Both are desperately needed, mainly because we both work from home. Right now, the garden shed, and spare bedroom are used as office space, meaning there’s nowhere to put the lawnmower or any guests that want to come and stay.
We feel like we are drowning in stuff and constantly tripping over each other and the garage conversion and kitchen extension could be the answer to our prayers – that is, if we can decide what to do with the space.
floor-plan-1474454_1920The options
My husband wants to turn the garage into dedicated office space, separate and hidden away from the rest of the house. I want a kitchen-come-dining room-come-family room that creates a wonderful open space for spending time with my family while I’m also spending time doing one of my favourite things – cooking.

My dream space

I have a vision in my head of what this room will look like thanks to my guilty pleasure of visiting show homes (why guilty? because, having only bought our house two years ago, I have no intention of moving anytime soon).
What I keep seeing in these show homes, and what I want to recreate, is an open floor plan, one where the family can congregate and spend time with each other but not feel cramped.  I want a room that feels warm and welcoming and is full of natural light.  To get this, I want bifold doors, ones that stretch across the whole wall, letting me turn my garden into an extension of the family room.
I also want an aluminium roof lantern, giving my kitchen what I think will be a real wow factor.  I know a neighbour of ours has one and no one seems to be able to go into our garden without commenting on their roof; I want my new kitchen to have the same impact.

Why a roof lantern?

Although roof lanterns have been around forever, becoming popular in the Edwardian era for use in orangeries, they are growing in popularity again not only because of how they look and the amount of natural light they let in but because modern engineering means they can be fitted on most roofs.
Of course, it’s not just about looks, natural light, or being able to see the clouds roll by while I drink my wine (though this does sound pretty good!).  It’s also about the practicalities (they are easy to fit and easy to maintain, standing up to even the harshest weather conditions) and the benefits (thermal insulation through triple glazing helps keeps your energy bills down).
Roof lantern 3
So, now all I have to do is convince my husband this is the way to go before the builder comes around next week to talk through what we want.  What do you think – do you have them and are they as good as I think or would you have them in your dream kitchen?
Emma x

This is a collaborative post, working with Direct Bifold Doors.

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