Playing the Minimalism Game (aka #minsgame)

desktop-3261768_1920.jpgAnyone who has looked at my Instagram feed this last week will have seen I have started taking part in the minimalism game, created by The Minimalists. I’d seen it around for a while and not only did it look like fun, it looked like something I needed to because, recently, I have been feeling like I’ve been dropping in stuff.
It ties in with my efforts to not buy what I don’t need, which has been going quite well (as my bank balance can evidence), but it didn’t feel like I was going far enough.  So, on the first of this month, my #minsgame began.  The idea is that on day one you get rid of one item, on day two you get rid of two and so on until you get to day thirty, by which point you will have gotten rid of 496 items (in a 31 day month like May).
Whatever you decide to get rid of you then need to throw out, give away or sell.  They also say to do it with someone else.  As I couldn’t get anyone to join in (*sigh*), I thought I would take to Instagram and the many, many people out there doing the same.  I’ve also started boxes for charity, selling and passing on in my garage and, each Saturday will get rid of these as I can’t make trips to get rid of things each day.

I am now ten days in and, I have to say, I feel lighter already and – so far – getting rid of things hasn’t been a chore.  I’ve also gotten rid of more than the 55 items that I should have gotten rid of (in part because of throwing away a batch of photos of scenery I can no longer place and duplicate photos I’m not sure why I have been holding onto.  In fact, my total comes to 84 and includes:

  • five pairs of shoes (does that count as 10?)
  • six make-up bags
  • one belt
  • one pair of gloves
  • one bottle of perfume I’m allergic to
  • a mirror
  • a hairbrush (I had three!)
  • a padlock I can’t open
  • 40 photos of places I don’t remember
  • a photo frame
  • six out-of-date products
  • two make up sponges
  • five make up brushes
  • six bottles of nail polish and the sponges for painting your toe nails
  • hair chalk
  • five dresses
  • a partridge in a pear tree (just checking you were still with me…)

What is next I am not sure as I’m working my way through each room and my bedroom drawers are next.  I’m starting to think I might not need quite as many pairs of Christmas socks but we’ll see.
What do you think? Is this something you could do or have done – and how did it go for you?
Emma x

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  1. I love this idea and might try it for June as I am in the midst of the Mindful in May challenge and I can only take so many challenges in one month LOL:) Such a good idea though and you have done well. We really need to start decluttering as we will be moving to an apartment early next year. Thanks for the idea and I will be checking out your Instagram. Stopping by from Lovin’ Life Linky
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  2. I love this idea & will jump across to instagram to follow your efforts. I decluttered heaps last year when we moved, but a check-in on what has been accumulated since wouldn’t hurt. #teamlovinlife

  3. I’m inspired. I have just bagged a second bulk lot of clothing and donated it to others who need it. An old heater has gone and I’m now eying random things in the kitchen that are doing nothing but occupying valuable space.
    SSG xxx

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