My Sunday Photo: And They Say It's Grim Up North…

I feel so lucky to live less than 20 minutes from the sea (one day I’ll get closer). The nearest to us is one of those seaside towns that isn’t, unfortunately, as glorious as it once was but it’s a lovely small town and the sand is lovely and clean so, for me, it can’t be beat…
Redcar beach
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18 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo: And They Say It's Grim Up North…

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  1. I love the calm feel of this beach photo. It looks so inviting
    Have a good Bank Holiday and thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  2. Oh how gorgeous! I don’t mind it even when it is a bit grim up north! Mind you, I am living in the East of England at the moment and that has been terrible up until recently weatherwise! 😀

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