April in a sentence a day

I first came across this post on Natalie the Explorer’s blog and thought it was great. She, and some other bloggers, share their month in a sentence a day. I thought it would be fun to join in, though I haven’t for a few months. I have missed looking back on what I’d been up to though, and feeling grateful for all the good in my life, so I thought I would get back on the horse this month.  Here’s what I’ve been up to…1st: Easter Sunday. Chocolate eggs for breakfast. 

2nd: Easter Monday and my daughter’s birthday. Added cake to the chocolate consumption (the diet can start tomorrow). 

3rd: Started a new contract with what I hope will become a permanent client.  Fingers and toes crossed.

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Iift moisturiser

4th: Took to my bed in the afternoon after giving up fighting off what turned out to be an ear and throat infection. 

5th: Bed.

6th: Bed.

7th: Moved to the couch.

8th: Still on the couch.


9th: Dragged myself back to the land of the living – just to say.  Thankfully, I had this week off for half term so I didn’t have to do too much or make too much effort beyond taking daughter to pictures.

10th: Another half-lazy / half-recovery day. The weather was awful so we stayed in, did crafts and baked a cake 

11th: Met friends and went bowling. I lost (no surprise – I’m rubbish!)

12th: Is that sun I see? Yes it was, for a while. We took advantage and went to the seaside, ate chips and walked along the sand.

13th: Mom and daughter day in York. She spent her birthday money. We ate more cake. 

14th: Last minute panic shopping for school clothes as I realised my daughter had lost her PE kit.

15th: Sunday lunch with my parents and not much else.

16th: Back at school and back to work- urgh!

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17th: First trampoline class in a few weeks. I hurt!

18th and 19th: Work, work, work.

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20th: Daughter’s school assembly. Loved they sang the Clash to close the ‘show’.

On the blog: Simple carrot cake recipe
carrot cake slice

21st: First BBQ of the day year – yes, it was that warm – yay!

22nd: Took daughter and her friend to their first and possibly last ballet. It wasn’t quite as child friendly as billed (but at least they didn’t fall asleep like the guy behind us).

23rd: Start of a bit of a political week. I am an observer for my local councillors so sat in on their meeting then did campaign training.

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LAQA Cheeky Lip Pencil 2

24th: Labour party women’s forum meeting, where we get to set the world to rights and spend time with other passionately political women.

25th: Door knocking for local MP, getting the word out. 

26th: Panic bought husbands birthday presents (thankfully he liked them!).

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goodrich castle 1

27th: Husbands birthday. Learnt red velvet cake is too complicated to make with an eight year old.

28th: Cold and windy day at seaside seeing petrified forest.


29th: Usual Sunday lunch with parents. Managed to squeeze in a run, one of the few this month.

30th: Another run then much needed work in the garden – it’s looking shoddy! 

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litter picking
And that was it for April.  How was your month?  What did you get up to?
Emma x

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  1. It’s a great idea but I never remember to make notes during my month so never have any idea what I’ve done any day!
    I didn’t know you did trampolining. I can imagine it’d hurt after a break (and being sick). And I’m with the kids re the ballet. I find it deadly boring though my SIL and niece are huge fans. My niece belonged to a youth ballet and they did performances that involved small children as well and the audience (kids) got to meet the performances after. It was very cute! #teamlovinlife

    1. I use my to do lists to remind me because I keep it in a day diary. Trampolining is so much fun and good for my joints as it’s low impact. I am determined to achieve a somersault by the time I turn 50!
      I’m with the kids on the ballet too. It seemed to last forever!

  2. So pleased to have you join us. And I really like the way you did your post, with links to the month’s blog posts sprinkled among the photos and sentences describing your April.
    I fully support chocolate in any form or fashion for breakfast…chocolate eggs, cake and would welcome red velvet at my table, too!
    Sounds like you were one sick gal for a bit. I think we run ourselves ragged and refuse to pay attention to the indications that we are running on empty. Glad you have rallied in time for this new month.
    Bravo for being active in politics. I am so frustrated with things in my city that I feel like running for some office or running away from here.

    1. Thank you. I think you are right. We don’t stop then we get sick. I am so glad I started getting involved in my local Labour Party. I finally feel like I’m doing something. Plus I’m making new friends which is wonderful.

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