Tried & Tested: Boots L;ft Daily Boosting Day Moisturising Cream

One of my biggest weaknesses is an inability to not try new things (probably a strength too, if I ignore the strain it can put on my wallet).  Another, in order to ease said strain, is loving a bargain.  Walking around my local Boots last month, I came upon the perfect storm of a new product range (L;ft) with a third off it’s regular price.
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I’d gone in looking for moisturiser from a different brand.  I came out with Boots’ L;ft Daily Boosting Day Moisturising Cream.  If I ignore the slightly silly name (or spelling of it), I have otherwise been pretty impressed.  The cream promises to help me fight the five signs of ageing and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in four weeks.  It also promises me that my skin will not only be firmer but glow as well.  
I’m pretty sure that the glow is down to a reflective ingredient in the cream vs. my skin dramatically changing but the product definitely lives up to it’s promise here.  There is a glow when I apply it that seems to still shine through my make up (without me looking like I’m heading out for a night on the town).
My skin definitely feels plumper too, immediately after I apply the cream, which is rich and absorbs well.  As with all the products that promise to get rid of my wrinkles, I haven’t seen much of that but I don’t actually expect to so I can’t say I’m disappointed there.  Overall, then, I am happy with my purchase.  Here’s why…

The Pros

  • The price is right – It’s £7.99 at the moment but will only be £11.99 full price, which is well within my budget
  • The packaging is lovely, making it feel more expensive than it is
  • The cream is thick and rich, with a very light – non-intrusive – smell
  • It absorbs quickly and easily
  • My skin is left with a lovely glow, even after applying make-up
  • My skin feels softer and plumper after use
  • It has SPF15

The cons

  • The wrinkles haven’t gone (*sigh*)
  • It’s not lasting as long as I thought it would – probably user error there though as I am scooping up a fair bit when I use it

Other than that, there isn’t much I can say against it.  This is a good quality, reasonably-priced product, that I would definitely buy again.  Have you used this cream – what did you think?
Emma x

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