Places to Visit: Beamish Living Museum

Always one to ignore the weather when a trip out is planned, the recent half-term was no exception. I work on the philosophy that if it isn’t raining when you plan on leaving the house, you should just head out and see what happens. Which is why, with dark clouds covering most of the sky, last week we went to Beamish Living Museum just outside Stanley in County Durham – for about the 100th time (it’s one of my favourite places).

Just a few dark clouds in the sky...
Just a few dark clouds…

Growing up, I loved Beamish (it opened in 1972) and we still go there a lot – it’s quite handy that it’s less than an hour away and you get annual passes for the price of admission.  There is always so much to do and see I never get bored and, with the most amazing fish and chips you will ever eat available (if you queue for an hour), we are never disappointed.  
The fish and chips are in the Pit Village, always our fist stop because of the wait to get served…
Then it was onto the The Colliery, where we took a tour of a mine (not for those who don’t like tight places).
Beamish Colliery
And the 1913 Town, where we got to wander through houses and shops on the eve of war.
Everyone we met there was great, both at staying character (I’m not sure I could have managed) and sharing information, all the little things that you don’t get from books or TV shows.
Along the way, we rode an open-topped bus (there is also a tram and a railway you can go on), fed chickens and goats, petted the pit ponies and shire horses, and went on the carousel. Best of all for in the eyes of a seven-year old – bought sweets at the old-fashioned sweet shop (though they were out of sugar mice).

Because of the weather we didn’t make it to the 1940’s farm or Georgian Old Hall but the entrance fee (£19 per adult and £11 for children over 5 but with family passes too) includes an annual pass so we’ll be able to go back – hopefully in the sunshine – anytime in the next 12 months.
What do you think – does Beamish appeal to you and your family?
Emma x

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