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So I had a bit of a panic this morning.  I realised I was out of one of my favourite products – Dew The Hoola Liquid Bronzer. Panic ensued.  My day, I thought, was ruined – in fact, the next three days as that’s how long it will take for me newly ordered bottle to arrive.  Thankfully, I then remembered a sample size of the bronzing powder that would see me through.  Calm was restored.  My day would be o.k.
It made me think, though, just how much I rely on certain products and how many of them are made by Benefit.  Time, I thought, for a favourite things post – something I haven’t done in a while – and a bit of a love “letter” to a favourite brand.  
Why do I love Benefit products so much?  I have to be honest, it’s partly the packaging and the names.  When I pick them up, I feel like I’m getting something special and something that will make me smile just a little bit when I’m doing my make-up early in the morning.  I also love the price, they aren’t cheap but they aren’t so expensive that I feel guilty using them on a day-to-day basis.  Mostly, though, I love how they work on my skin, which can be sensitive.
So, back to this being a favourites post. What are my favourites?
Benefit Cosmetics
First up has to be the Dew the Hoola Liquid Bronzer which I use every day.  Unlike other bronzers I’ve tried this one isn’t too dark and doesn’t make me look like I’ve got any type of false tan on.  I mix it with my moisturiser on a morning so it makes my morning routine easier too.  Since I’ve started using it, I have had so many people say I am looking healthier, I figure I can’t stop using it now.
Because it came to my rescue this morning, I’m going for the Hoola Matte Bronzer next, which apparently is in the Vogue Beauty Hall of Fame so you can’t get better than that I don’t think.  I have had this as a full size product before and it’s great because it comes with a brush and seems to last forever.  Again, it doesn’t look false or fake when I use it – thought I don’t use a lot – just leaves me looking a little less pale and pasty (especially in these cold, grey, days).  I like that it’s matte to – there is no added shimmer or shine, which is much better kept for nights out at my age.
Next up is the They’re Real! Tinted Eyelash Primer, which works well for every day use as it gives enough colour for me to not think my eyes are shrinking in to my head but doesn’t make me look fully done up (something I don’t like given I work from home – it’s an odd thing I know but it makes me feel self-conscious).  The other thing I like about the primer when I wear it with mascara is that it seems to make the mascara go on better (the point I suppose).  I get less clumping and I have less problems when I’m wearing contacts with my eyes getting irritated.
Still one the eyes, because that’s mainly where I wear it, is the High Beam Liquid Highlighter.  You can, though use it anywhere on your face, including cheeks and brows, to give you a luminous glow (says the website).  I like that a little goes a long way and it makes my eyes look more open and me more awake.  It’s something I really needed when I travelled a lot for work as I was often up at 5 in the morning and was rather droopy-eyed at that point.  Plus, it has the added benefit of lasting all day – which a lot of eye shadows don’t (for me at least).
Then, finally, onto the lips and another They’re Real! product – Double the Lip – which is great for me because I’m lazy and never use a lip pencil.  This one doesn’t have a pencil, but it does have two colours that complement each other really well and give more definition to my lips.  I don’t wear this every day because I work from home but it’s a must when I go out and face the public.
And that’s it – five favourite products from a favourite brand I would hyperventilate if I didn’t have.  What about you, do you have a favourite product – what do you panic about when you run out of it?
Emma x

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  1. Benefit is a brand I haven’t used nearly enough though I do love all the packaging and punny names. They’re like the makeup version of cozy mysteries. You’ve got me curious about High Beam. I don’t think to use highlighters but I could definitely use a little help looking wide awake!

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