My Sunday Photo: Castle Guards

So I’ve finally gotten round to swapping over all the photos from my old laptop to my new one (it’s only been four months!).  While I was I came across this one – though I have no idea where it came from.  I was obviously playing with taking a photo in black and white and filters on my photo app but I quite liked it.  Anyone got any idea where it was taken?
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10 Replies to “My Sunday Photo: Castle Guards”

  1. My eldest son, who is a photographer by profession, used to do a lot of black and white photos…I have a few of them on my walls. They always seem so artistic.
    This one is great…and I have no idea what or where it is, either!

  2. I’m sorry I can’t help on the location… I’m still shocked and impressed by you transferring over your photos! I’ve got to organise my thousands of photo’s but keep putting it off!
    Great black and white photo… very impressive wherever it is. Hope someone can help you 😀

    1. Funny or a sign of ageing? We go so many places when the weather is nice and I never make a note on the photos. I should ask my dad as I’ sure he’ll remember.

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