January in a sentence a day

I first came across this post on Natalie the Explorer’s blog and thought it was great. She, and some other bloggers, share their month in a sentence a day. I thought it would be fun to join in, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last few months.  I’m really enjoying looking back on what I’d been up to – and feeling grateful for all the good in my life. So, here’s what I did in January…
1. New Years Day – recovered from New Years Eve then went to my mom and dad’s for a slap up Sunday-style lunch.
2. Bit of a lazy day today, didn’t do much but stay home, watch TV and chill.  It felt nice.
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3. Took my first run of the year.  I still wasn’t fully over the cold I had at Christmas so it was hard going and I admit to walking the second half just to get my breath back!
4. Had my family over to look at the family tree I’ve put together and see if I have got it right based on their memories.  It’s looking good – I’m all the way back to the 1600s, though no royal connections yet (*sigh*)
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5. Got some call re: freelance work, which was a big relief as I had said in January I was going to push myself to get started working for myself.  It includes the offer of a three month contract which will pay the bills so very happy.
6. Sat and read most of a book.  This never happens where I get that much peace and quiet.
7. Ran around frantically when I realised that school was starting tomorrow and I wsn’t prepared at all.
8. School started – we were all dragging!
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9. First trampoline class of the year.  Bit like the running, it was hard!
10. Woke up and, after last night’s class, thought I might never move again my muscles hurt so much.
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11. First contract offer finally came through and became official.  Breathed huge sigh of relief!
12. Took my first conference call in three months.  Felt very strange – I was definitely out of practice.
13. Lost a whole day in Ikea.  There isn’t much more to say but that.
14. Mom and dad came over for Sunday Lunch and to help put the Ikea furniture together.  Much swearing was heard.
15. Hit my target of 12,500 steps for the first time since mid-December.  Finally!
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16. Did my first ever somersault – sort of – it wasn’t pretty but at least I got over.
17. Hit some type of wall today.  Felt blah and struggled to get motivated.
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coddled eggs 6
18. Snow!
19. My cat threw up all over my new couch.  Nice.
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20. Got offered a proofreading job (my preferred jobs).  With the other contract, I may have bitten off more than I can chew but feel I can’t say no.
21.  Slept late.  Read the paper.  Lovely, lazy, Sunday.
22. Tried to figure out how to do two different projects for two different companies.  It’ll be fine….
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potato soup 1
23. More juggling.  Enjoying being back in the thick of it though.
24 Ditto.  I will not complain!
25. First project submitted, second one to finish.  I can do it!
26. Second project submitted.  Yay!
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27. Homemade pizza and board games – family time.
28. Reorganised my bedroom – life is exciting!
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29. Become official observer of council meetings.  Fascinating.
30. After a crazy week, did a bit of getting organised for February.  Lots crossed off to-do list.
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DIY Facial Cleanser updated
31. Labour party women’s forum.  Brilliant group of women trying to change our lot.  Proud to be part of this group.
And that’s it, my month in a sentence or so a day.  What about you, what did you get up to in January?
Emma x

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