Lanolips Golden Dry Skin Salve: A Perfect Remedy for the Cold Weather

people-2591786_1920I have always suffered from dry skin and, as I get older, it has been getting worse.  It’s one of the many things I don’t like about getting old but it’s inevitable I guess.  This weather makes it even more prone to dryness, especially now that I am out every day walking or running in my efforts to get fit.
Although I use plenty of moisturiser on a morning and try and protect my skin in general, by the end of the day, my face can feel pulled tight, my hands look like those of a woman at least twenty years older then me (my daughter calls them “old lady hands” *sob*), and my skin in general just feels dry and itchy.
I’ve used lots of body lotions and hand lotions over the years but none have done what they promised.  Until now that it is.  I got my tube of Lanolips Golden Dry Skin Salve as a full size product through my Birchbox subscription.  The packaging said it was a “Super moisturiser and skin protectant for extremely dry skin”, which sounded good to me and just what I needed.  It’s also 100% natural and contains no parabens, mineral oil or petroleum.  It does contain Manuka honey and Vitamin E.
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Unfortunately, it arrived in the summer when my skin wasn’t too bad, so I promptly put it away and forgot about it until a tidy of the bathroom revealed it in a box of other skin lotions and potions.  With the weather as it is and my skin at its worst for a while, I thought I would give it a go.  I am so glad I did, though it has take a little getting used to how and when I can use it because it is very rich and an odd texture.
It comes out very thick, but has a wonderful smell (all natural again) that is hard to describe but that I liked nonetheless.  You put a small amount on your hand and then rub them together to activate it.  The heat in your hands turn it into what Lanolips call and emulsion, and because you have been rubbing your hands together, it feels lovely and warm at this point.
You then apply like any other lotion to your hands, feet, knees…anywhere you have dry skin.  I’ll be honest, it doesn’t say face on the packaging but I have been using it instead of a face pack a couple of times a week and it hasn’t done me any harm at all.  In the morning, my skin feels soft and there’s been no allergic reactions, and that’s good enough for me.   I’ve also used it on my feet, hands, knees and lips and, again, they are all left feeling soft and supple. This started after one use but I have seen an ongoing improvement, especially on my hands and feet now that I’ve ben using it for about a month.
Where I had a bit of a problem was the when to use it because it does take a good few minutes to soak into the skin and you are left with a bit of a greasy feeling until then.  Using it on my hands on a morning I found I didn’t want to then touch anything for a while, which slowed me down and didn’t really work for me.  Using it on my feet and knees was fine as I tend to wear tights during the day so there wasn’t any risk of the product coming off and damaging them.
It worked better for me at night.  I apply right before bed and hop in.  Despite that greasy feeling, so far it hasn’t come off on my sheets so all good there.  I also use it if I am going out and put it on under gloves, right before I put them on.  I think the extra warmth of the gloves helps it penetrate the skin and, when I take them off, they always feel lovely.  I am not embarrassed to show my hands in public anymore.
So, for me, a big win with this product.  Do you suffer from dry skin?  Do you think this could be one for you, or do you have other products you swear by?
Emma x
p.s. if you fancy giving Birchbox a try, you can get £5 off your first box by clicking on the link in the post.
Note: I chose to do this review for a product I can highly recommend.  I was not asked to and didn’t receive any compensation.

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    1. It is really good. My skin is a nightmare right now and I couldn’t live without it. I don’t think I could live without my Birchbox but I feel guilty for the cost so I get a subscription on my birthday as a present and another at Christmas – guilt free beauty 😉

  1. I got this too! I’ve been using it on the dry skin I get round my nose when I’ve had a cold. It’s lovely isn’t it?
    Thanks for linking up to #RVHT

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