Made it Myself: Yoghurt and Honey Cleanser

All natural beauty headerI have to admit I love lotions and potions, anything to make me look younger, prettier, brighter (…you get the picture) and can’t resist buying more than I need most times. A few years ago, I started to use organic products when I could and noticed a real difference. They do, however, tend to make my bank balance groan and I have been feeling particularly broke of late.
So, following on from my success at making my own facial scrub, I decided to try making something else. The only criteria was that it was easy….which is how I came to start using my own yoghurt and honey cleanser.
One of the most difficult things I actually found was finding the right recipes out there – there are so many. A lot also seem quite complicated. As I am new to this I wanted simple. I also wanted to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. In the end, I decided if I couldn’t find the ingredients in my local Sainsburys or Holland & Barrett, it wasn’t for me.
The Yoghurt & Honey cleanser was, therefore, a perfect starting point. This recipe is my own but a result messing around with a number I found on Pinterest.
To make your own mix:
DIY Facial Cleanser updated
Yes, it’s that simple.
To use, smooth a teaspoon size dollop onto your face then wipe of wipe a warm muslin or wash cloth.
Then store in an airtight container in the fridge.  I kept mine for a week.  Some sites I saw had larger quantities and kept them for longer but, as I’m not an expert, I erred on the side of caution and made less and kept it for less time.
And that’s it – easy, peasy, and cheap natural beauty.
Emma x

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