Music for Monday: It's Christmas! #3

So here it is – the final Monday before Christmas.  And the last week I will be inflicting Christmas music on you (for at least another year!).  Today I’m sharing one more last blast of favourite Christmas songs, ones that a playlist doesn’t feel like it’s a playlist without.

First up is a song that was written for a purpose, the first time I remember this happening. It might not be the best song ever written but I remember it’s release and the meaning behind it and that will always make it special.

Next up is Fairytale of New York by The Pogues, a rather maudlin song that is continually voted one of the best Christmas songs ever. The chorus is what does it – I deny you to not sing along.

And finally, because it’s how I feel in a song title – I Wish It Could Be Christmas by Wizzard.

And so Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all – see you in 2018 x
Emma x

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  1. Thanks for the tunes! I need to bring more music into my home! Usually I get the car radio…or the soundtracks of movies. I fondly recall the days when I had music playing all the time (a record player, how quaint!).
    Now I have a CD player in the form of a mini-jukebox, but I always forget to turn it on.

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