Music for Monday: It's Christmas #2

Morning all and welcome to another start of the week.  Did you get snow?  We did – not as much as I’d like but enough to make me hope for a White Christmas (all fingers and toes are now crossed).  In keeping with the season, and following on from last weeks Music for Monday, I’m sharing another three of my favourite Christmas songs because, cheesy as they are, I just can’t get enough.First up this week, it’s back to my childhood with a bit of Slade and Merry Xmas Everybody – a song that in my family at least never fails to get people up and singing along.

Next up is for my husband and one of his favourite songs, which I happen to like too – The Waitresses, Christmas Wrapping.

And, as I’m on family favourites, I’ll stick with the theme and share my daughters second favourite Christmas song, mainly because she had to sing it in a Christmas show last year. It’s also at least from this decade…

And that’s it for this week, another round of cheesy music to hopefully make you smile. What do you think? Did you like?
Emma x

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