Music for Monday: It's Christmas!

It’s finally December, the season where even the most hardened hipster (a.k.a. known as my husband) lets their hair down and gives in to the most cheesiest music on the planet.   It only happens once a year but that’s what makes it so special.  For the next 21 days, I will be able to revel in some of the worst music out there without ruining my indie-cred.
In fact, I’ve already started.  As the first rolled around, we went away for the weekend and I spent three hours listening to Slade, Shaky, and Mud.  I don’t care what the nay-sayers like The Guardian say, or how many times I hear the same songs, it makes me happy, especially when I’m getting to sing along badly with others.
So, in honour of the season for the next three weeks I’m going to share three of my favourite Christmas songs.  Feel free to weep or sing along.  I’ve seen both with some of these….First up is Jona Lewie, Stop the Cavalry, which my husband says is a bit depressing for a Christmas song but I deny anyone to not sing along.

A bit cheerier, and a bit more up to date (well, if you count 2012) is Marshmallow World by Emmy the Great and Tim Wheeler – it’s a cover but I hadn’t heard it before I’d heard this version.

Finally for this week, it’s back to the 90’s with Baby It’s Cold Outside by Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews, mainly because I love Cerys voice and any excuse to listen to it is fine by me.

What do you think? Do these help you get in the spirit or can you think of nothing worse? What’s your favourite Christmas song?
Emma x

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