Tried and Tested: Pure Freeze Dried Cat Food

This is my cat, Lucky.  To say he fits his name perfectly is probably an understatement according to family and friends – in that he’s lucky to have found people to take care of him that basically spoil him to death.  He is so loving though, a constant purr machine, that it’s impossible for us not to!
As a result, though, he’s ended up quite particular.  He likes to be the centre of attention and he likes things “his way”.  That’s definitely the case when it comes to food.  When we adopted him, the cat rescue centre sent us home with a bag of food they said he’d been eating.  He wouldn’t touch it.  Cue mad panic shopping to find something he would eat. 
Way to many bags of cat food and way too much money later, we found out he likes Whiskas with chicken taste pockets.  And that’s it unless you count Princes’ tuna in spring water (no own brand tinned fish for him).  Whilst I know Whiskas is a name brand, I’ve never been completely convinced it was the best for Lucky and always felt a little guilty for not giving him something a little more healthy.
So, when I got the opportunity to try out Pure freeze-dried cat food, I thought it was worth a go.  Pure is a Yorkshire based company that started in 2012 when two friends asked themselves “why would you feed dog something you wouldn’t eat yourself?”.  Now they are asking it about cats too.
All their meals are made with 100% fresh human-grade ingredients and freeze-dried – the easiest way to feed your pet a raw food diet without the food.  The idea really appealed to me, as did the packaging which I thought was colourful and quirky.
Once you get inside the packaging there is a vacuum-packed bag of food, a serving scoop and a bag clip.
60FE29D6-998C-4593-B7CB-0E0907E20DEFThe instructions were simple and easy to follow – you take a scoop or two of freeze-dried food (based on the recommended portion for your cat’s size), add warm water, stir, wait a few minutes and “serve”.  I did find it a bit difficult getting the consistency right – or at least what I thought was right as I wasn’t the one eating it – but once I did, we were away.
The big question though is would it work and convince Lucky there was more to life than taste pockets?  Obviously, he can’t talk but I think this video shows that he is a bit of a fan (please remember I’m not a Spielberg and this was on an iPhone so don’t judge my directorial debut!)…

We’ve slowly introduced this into his diet and haven’t seen any adverse effects – in fact, when he hears the box coming out of the cupboard he’s straight there, ready to eat.  He does seem to prefer the chicken to the surf and turf but I don’t think there is much in it.
All in all, then, a big hit for Lucky and I feel a lot less guilty about his diet so a win for me too.  Starting at £10.99 a box, it is a bit more than I’m paying now but I don’t think it’s unreasonable when I’ve compared it to similar healthy pet food on the shelves of my local supermarket and it’s definitely worth it.  If you fancy trying it – for your cat or dogs – you can order online from Pure’s website or find it at pets at home.
What do you think – do you have pets with particular eating habits this might work for?
Emma x
Note: I received this product from Pure in return for a fair and honest review.  All thoughts, feelings and opinions are my own (or Lucky’s).

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    1. I have to say its the best thing we ever did – we got him for our daughter for her birthday last year and he’s just a blast to have around and he is so good with her – follows her everywhere, even on the trampoline!

  1. This looks really interesting! Very handy to have in for emergencies or even to bulk buy. We don’t have a cat but we used to have one when I was growing up. I’d like another one one day!
    Thank you for linking up to #RVHT, it’s back this weekend, I hope you can join in!

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