Made it myself: Coffee Sugar Scrub

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Earlier this week, I had a crisis.  I was out of exfoliator.  Then I had another crisis when I went to buy it – I work for myself now, have only just started working for myself so there isn’t much money coming in…can I really justify the normal £15 – 20 for a face scrub?  The answer is, if I have to I will be, if I can find an alternative, I’ll do that to.  Hence a scouring of Pinterest in search of homemade solutions.
First up, though there might be more to come, is a coffee sugar scrub.  There are lots of different ways to make this on the internet, some more complicated than others.  I did what I normally do and combined a few that fitted in with what I had in the cupboard…and it worked, for me at least.
Here’s what I used…
A tablespoon of ground coffee, a tablespoon of brown sugar and a couple of teaspoons of olive oil.  Yup, that’s pretty much it.  Then you combine them all in a bowl, stirring until they make a paste.
Then you use the way you would any other face scrub, adding a bit of warm water before using on your face.
Compared to my usual exfoliator, this was definitely harsher, though my face didn’t seem to mind.  Afterwards, it felt soft and smooth (all good) and my moisturiser absorbed quickly.  It was also messier to use as my current favourite is a clear gel.  This left a residue in the sink that I have to clean up (not a big deal but worth mentioning).  Smell wise though, if you like coffee – which I do – this is a winner.  I loved it and felt a little bit perkier after using it (can you absorb caffeine through the skin?).
Will I be using it again, yes – at least once or twice as I have enough left – but long term I’m not sure because of the harshness.  I’ll see how I do over the next week or so (I tend to use a scrub at least three times a week) and I might try it as a body scrub instead.
What do you think – are you tempted? Or have you already tried this or something similar?
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  1. OMG you’re totally like me! (Although, I have skin allergies, so I kind of have to use the kitchen cupboard more anyway, but I totally resent the unchecked consumerism of the beauty industry… and clearly my parents have a lot to answer for!)
    I use those exact ingredients! (Although I tend to use more olive oil, with just a dash of the coffee and sugar, since I need more moisturising than anything!) I also soak a bag of chamomile tea in there sometimes when I feel like it! XD

    1. It is such a good way to go. I need to do more. I wonder if the more oil would make it less rough? Sorry for the delay in replying btw but this got caught in the spam filter and I’ve just seen it.

  2. I’m definitely tempted to make this! I love home made beauty stuff. I’m usually a bit lax with my measuring so they’re not as good as they should be but I’d bought coffee scrubs before and would love to make one!

  3. I had no idea it was so easy to make an exfoliating mix! I wonder if you put it n a blender for a few seconds it would reduce the harshness a bit… #RVHT

    1. Yes, so easy. I might try grinding it – maybe get out the pestal and mortar? It felt less harsh the second time so maybe it’s getting used to it too?

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