Tried and Tested: OM Cleanse & Glow Konjac Sponge

I am a bit of a fan of beauty boxes, and in one of my latest orders I received an OM Cleanse & Glow Konjac Sponge, which was in the most gorgeous packaging and intrigued me greatly as a) I hadn’t heard of it before and b) it looked kind of cool and funky.
First up, I’ll apologise for the picture, which doesn’t do the packaging justice – it’s quite hard to take a picture of clear plastic and, no matter what the background I used, I couldn’t get a decent shot.  Saying that, they aren’t much better on the company website so maybe I shouldn’t feel too bad?
The poor photography shouldn’t put you off the product though, which I’ve been enjoying using these last few weeks, though it does have some downsides I’m not convinced will work for me in the longer term. 

First the pros

It’s 100% natural and completely gentle on my sometimes sensitive skin.  I am a fan of natural products so that was a huge plus for me, and I liked the idea it was “naturally alkaline and loaded with vitamins and minerals”.  I’m not exactly sure on what the vitamins and minerals are doing (maybe detoxifying my skin) but the natural alkaline promised to pH balance my skin.
I used it once a day every day at night with my usual cleanser and had no adverse reaction at all (it says you can use daily or several times a week) .  It’s easy to use – run under warm water, add your cleanser and use a circular motion to clean your face (you can also use it without cleanser but I didn’t try that I must admit). Afterwards, my skin felt clean and soft.  Did I see a glow?  I’m not sure (one of the cons I guess) but I like to think I did (I am an eternal optimist!).

Now the cons

Ignoring whether I was really glowing or not, I had a couple of issues with the sponge.  The first one was that it didn’t dry out overnight.  It comes with a loop to hang it up and I did that, thinking it would be dry and ready to use the next day but it never dried out.  This then had me worried about hygiene.  After use I have been running under very hot water in the hope that it will kill of any germs lurking but I’m not sure I can get the thought out of my head now it’s there. It says to replace every one to two months dependent on the amount of use but after two weeks I already feel I need to change it out.
These issues (which may just be mine) aside though, there isn’t anything else I didn’t like about it.  It’s easy to use, feels good, and my skin feels nice and soft after two weeks – which I’m assuming is, in part, the result of daily exfoliation.  It’s also a reasonable price – £12 on the OM website but I have seen it for much less on ebay (including 2 for £9.99).   I’m not much of a one for ratings, but if I had to, I would give this 4 out of 5.
Have you used the product – what do you think? Or do you fancy it based on my review?
Emma x
p.s. I purchased and chose to review this product; it was not provided for review. 

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  1. Hmmm, thanks for the honest review. I am not entirely convinced that I would buy it, but I agree, the packaging really is lovely. Pen x #RVHT

  2. I once got a konjac sponge for my face in one of my beauty boxes and I loved it! I’d love to try a body sized one. It’s a shame it doesn’t dry out but I suppose if you keep rinsing it and replace frequently, you’re probably okay? I’m not really sure! x
    Thank you for linking up to #RVHT, I hope you can join again!

    1. I wouldn’t mind trying a body one. It is the drying out bit I am just not sure about. I might need to do some research before I buy another…I am a bit germphobic.

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