Stepping outside my comfort zone

fear-2019930_1920I used to think of myself as quite a brave person, someone who would give anything a go.  Then I got older and, whilst some might say wiser, I have started to think it’s really more cowardly.  I found myself saying things like “I know my boundaries” or “I know what I like and I won’t like that” – you get the picture.  Over the last few years especially I have found it more and more difficult to try new things.  It’s something I have wanted to change and (pats self on back) have finally started to.
I mentioned the other week that I had started trampoline classes and that was a big one for me.  The classes had been going for about six weeks when I joined and everyone seemed to know each other and the coaches well.  I would watch whilst my daughter took her class and think about how much fun it looked.  Then feel scared.  I would worry…

What if I wasn’t good enough?

What if I hurt myself (it’s more dangerous than you think)?

What if (as happened to me the one time I tried to learn to belly dance) everyone already knows each other and don’t welcome me with open arms?  

It turns out all my fears were just that, fears.  I can jump as well as the next woman (though don’t ask me to do swivel hips, they are hard!) and, so far, other than the aches and pains you get from using muscles you don’t normally use, I haven’t broken anything.  As for the other jumpers, they are brilliant.  They are kind, funny and supportive and I haven’t laughed so much with a group of strangers in a long time.
I was a bit of a turning point for me, a confidence boost to try other things.  Next up, I went to a meeting of the women’s forum for the labour party.  The first thing I had done despite being a member for years and being passionate about politics.  A month later, I am treasurer of the forum and have been knocking on doors for the local labour party candidate for the council.  I’ve spoken to people about the issues that concern them and felt like I’ve been making a difference.  And I’ve supported a brilliant woman to (hopefully) win next week.  It’s something I never thought I could have done in a million years but I have loved it.
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I’m not sure what’s next – something work related I think as I need to start thinking about how I kick off my freelance life in the new year – but I do know I won’t be quite as worried as I would have been just six short weeks ago.  So that’s what I’m lovin’ about life this week.  What about you – are you brave and able to try new things or do you stick to the safe and narrow?  What big risks have you taken?
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  1. Great post! Kudos to you for trying new things. Over the years I have been pretty open to new ideas, even though I already thought I was the bravest person with all the protesting we did in the 60s. But lately, I realize that I am sort of stuck in my routines…and probably should expand my horizons again.

  2. We’re in a new town 1000kms away from family and friends. With both of us working from home, the only way I get to talk to anyone other than my husband is to go out and do stuff on my own. I’m convinced people won’t be interested in boring fat old me, but I’m still giving it a go. I’m particularly impressed with your political involvement – standing up for something you believe in.

    1. That’s not quite me but we do both work from home too so it is harder. We moved back to my home town two years ago so, again, remaking friends. Good luck – I hope we can all make friends anywhere and at any age x

  3. I like to try new things always! I’m very comfortable getting out of my comfort zone usually and rarely say no to any new adventure. Well done on your achievements. The trampolining sounds fun! #TeamLovinLife

  4. Oh wow, that sounds like so much fun and I think it’s good to step outside of our comfort zone sometimes, but I totally ‘get’ what you’re saying about the fact we know ourselves better and know that something really isn’t for us.
    I was going to start Zumba classes recently and I just had this niggling sensation of dread… that I didn’t want to do it. And I know it’s kinda because I’ve met some of the people who go and they’re all a bit weird and cliquey. I’ve started pilates instead and even though I felt a bit tired and meh last week I went and knew I’d go.
    I suspect there’s some invisible outer limit of our (dis) comfort zone when something is just unpleasant! #teamlovinlife

    1. I had a similar experience when trying to learn to belly dance as you did with Zumba. I didn’t go back – the people you do things with are more important than you might initially think I think.

  5. So cool that you are challenging yourself to do things you are interested in and passionate about well done and good luck with you next adventures!

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