Music for Monday: The Next Storm by Frank Turner

One of the things I love most about Spotify is that I feel like I am always discovering new to me artists, either through the related artists section or because I am willing to give a musician “a go” whereas previously I might not have bought an album.  I say new to me because the artists I’m discovering aren’t always new to everyone; in fact, some have been around for years but they have passed me by.

That’s the case with today’s pick – Frank Turner – whose last album was released in 2015.  How I’ve missed him I’m not quite sure as he’s right up my street – a singer-songwriter with a political bent.  After discovering him a few weeks ago, I’ve not been able to stop listening to him.  I like that his music is pared back and that it has a bite.  The song I’ve picked for today is off his last album, positive songs for negative people, which I think is a great title because so many people I meet nowadays are down on the world; I’ve gone for The Next Storm, which hit me “just right” the first time and hasn’t grown old yet.

What do you think? What about you – what are you listening to on repeat at the moment?
Emma x

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  1. I realize that I don’t listen to enough music! I used to play records (back in the olden days), and then CDs, but the TV seems to control the room these days. Thanks for the reminder of the beauty of music.

    1. I know what you mean. I find I listen during the day and when I’m out and have TV on in the evening. At one point I listened to nothing but news radio but it’s all too depressing now *sigh*

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