Lip Primer: What is it and do I need it?

Going through all my beauty box samples looking at what I am going to keep and which ones I’m not as part of my minimalist challenge, I seem to have collected a fair few lip primers.  Collected and never used because I’m not sure what to do with them.  So, while I’m asking, “should it stay or should it go?”, I thought I would take a bit of a look and see just what it is and why I should be using it.
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Made it Myself: Breadcrumbs (a wonderful way to be less wasteful)

seeds-2908636_1920As much as I try not to waste food, sometimes there are things that just didn’t get eaten.  When there are, the search is on to try and figure out if there is anything I can do with them before they get thrown away.
Bread is a perfect example.  We don’t eat enough to mean that, sometimes, it doesn’t go stale before it gets eaten.  There are tons of ways to use up stale bread, including bread and butter pudding, a personal favourite, but today I’m looking at the simplest, making breadcrumbs.   Continue reading “Made it Myself: Breadcrumbs (a wonderful way to be less wasteful)”

Tried & Tested: Native Unearthed Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm

IMG_1323When it comes to deodorant, I have to say I’m a bit of a creature of habit.  I’d found a brand I like, one with hardly any scent and that doesn’t leave marks on my clothes, years ago and I haven’t even thought of changing it since.  However, as part of my minimalist challenge I am trying to make use of the products I have before I go out and buy any more.  Which meant trying the Native Unearthed Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm that came with this month’s Birchbox.   Continue reading “Tried & Tested: Native Unearthed Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm”

Dreaming of my dream kitchen and a roof that will let me see the stars…

Since moving into our house a couple of years ago, my husband and I have been planning on having our garage converted and kitchen extended.  Both are desperately needed, mainly because we both work from home. Right now, the garden shed, and spare bedroom are used as office space, meaning there’s nowhere to put the lawnmower or any guests that want to come and stay.
We feel like we are drowning in stuff and constantly tripping over each other and the garage conversion and kitchen extension could be the answer to our prayers – that is, if we can decide what to do with the space.
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Finding friends after forty

This weekend, my husband and I went for a few drinks in town. Sitting in the pub, I saw a familiar face, someone called Mike who I knew from my volunteering. Mike joined us at our table and the next few hours were spent chatting and laughing. Before we knew it, the bell for last orders was being rung and Mike and my husband, who had found common ground over music, were making plans to meet the following week to see a band.
In a lot of ways, this doesn’t probably seem like a big deal, but for us it was because – since moving to a new area two years ago and being more than a little over 40 – making new friends has felt like a hard slog at times. Meeting someone I knew and making plans to see them again felt like we had turned a corner and were on the upswing, especially as a few days earlier I had met someone else I hadn’t known for long for coffee and we talked about future plans. Continue reading “Finding friends after forty”

My Sunday Photo: And They Say It's Grim Up North…

I feel so lucky to live less than 20 minutes from the sea (one day I’ll get closer). The nearest to us is one of those seaside towns that isn’t, unfortunately, as glorious as it once was but it’s a lovely small town and the sand is lovely and clean so, for me, it can’t be beat…
Redcar beach
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Weeds Instead of Roses

I love my back garden but I am not much of a gardener. When we moved into our house, I thought I would be. I poured over books, made detailed plans, planted, watered, pruned. And was left disappointed. I do not, it seems, have a green thumb.
Enter my dad who, possibly tired of my moaning about what I wasn’t achieving and how, because I didn’t know was in my garden half the time, didn’t know if I was pulling up a soon to be beautiful flower or a weed, said “If you like it, it isn’t a weed. Don’t worry.” Continue reading “Weeds Instead of Roses”

April in a sentence a day

I first came across this post on Natalie the Explorer’s blog and thought it was great. She, and some other bloggers, share their month in a sentence a day. I thought it would be fun to join in, though I haven’t for a few months. I have missed looking back on what I’d been up to though, and feeling grateful for all the good in my life, so I thought I would get back on the horse this month.  Here’s what I’ve been up to… Continue reading “April in a sentence a day”

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