Updated: Mini goals (to get me motivated)


This post was updated 22/1/18 to show progress. 

Since Christmas, I have been struggling to get back into the groove.  Over the holidays, we stayed up too late, ate too much cheese and chocolate, and drank too much wine.  Normally, after New Years, I do what most people do and cut back on all of these, trying to be a little healthier if nothing else.  And, I had to go back to work, meaning routines were quickly fallen back in to.

This year, though, the schools didn’t go back till last week which meant my holidays lasted longer than normal.  Plus, I didn’t have to go back to work straight away as I now work for myself.  Now, it feels like my eating, drinking, and late nights have became habits I need to break.  And that’s where I’m struggling. 


I am tired on a morning and have no energy during the day.  Once my daughter went back to school I was supposed to be all guns blazing with setting myself up as a freelancer.  Instead, whilst I have actually had some work come through, I am finding it hard to find the motivation to focus on the tasks at hand.  It’s the same with the rest of my life.  Exercise is a dirty word again, when I was doing so well, and I don’t want to do much on an evening but stare at the TV.

So, because this has to change, I thought I would set some mini-goals, to help maybe kick start me this week and get me back into good habits.  Writing them down here holds me a bit more accountable than they might be otherwise – and I think I need to be held accountable at the moment or I won’t be moving off the couch till February at the rate I’m going.

Here’s then, what I plan on doing this week:

bullet journal

1) Getting back in the blog writing habit.  I have two blogs, this one and a book blog, but I stopped posting just before Christmas.  Last week, my first week back, I managed a whole two posts here, way below my goal and not many more on my book blog.  I don’t want to post every day and I know this is a hobby so nothing is mandatory but it’s something I want to get better at and you only get better by doing things more.

My goal: to blog every other day for the next week.

As of 22/1/18: I managed to blog every week day on my book blog and every other week day here, one Every New Me.  Let’s see if I can keep it up for the rest of the month, then this goal can be retired.

2) Start promoting my business.  Choosing to work for myself was a big leap of faith and I gave myself six months to see if I had a chance of making it work.  I guess getting the contracts through last week means that I have shown there is money out there and I can earn it but I need to do more to make it sustainable.  Before Christmas, I set up a web site.  Now, I need to use it to start promoting myself.

My goal: have the web site “go live” and send out to former colleagues

As of 22/1/18: The blog is done but I have some email issues I need to talk to my site host about (on the plus site, I use SiteGround and they have been brilliant with everything so far, so here’s hoping they can help me here).  Then it’s content.  So, to slightly refine the goal for this next week.  1) get email sorted and 2) get at least two pieces of content written. 

3) Get moving.  Right through Christmas, I was exercising.  I even ran in the snow!  Then between Christmas and New Year I got a heavy cold and stopped.  I’m new to the whole exercising thing so getting back out there last week wasn’t the most natural thing in the world.  I tried – once.  It’s not good as I have a master plan to get fit, lose weight, and be generally healthier, and I need to get moving again.

My goal: hit my pre-Christmas average of 12,500 steps a day and 60 minutes of activity; run every other day.

As of 22/1/18: So the weather has been a bit against me with running, too snowy and icy half the time but I did brave the cold and sleet to walk (it seemed safer!).  I hit the 12,500 and then some every day till Friday, then it went a bit pear-shaped at the weekend.  The same with the activity.  So, not a bad start.  This week, I aim to start running again, weather permitting and hit the 12,500 steps / 60 minutes every day.  

4) Get eating (healthier).  Amazingly, and possibly because of the cold I had, I didn’t put on any weight over the holidays for possibly the first time ever.  I didn’t lose any either, meaning my weight loss goals have ground to a halt.  I had been finding the exercise was probably enough to slowly start getting the weight off but now I need to do more.  Over the holidays I read and reviewed a book called Healthyish, which was great, and inspirational, convincing me I could change my diet without counting calories.

My goal: plan a weeks worth of meals that are “healthyish” and cut out the snacks and the wine.

As of 22/1/18: This one has gone really well, the best of all my goals I think as I’ve actually lost a bit (a tiny little bit) of weight.  It’s only 1lb but I figure if I keep it up, I might be on my way to losing that two stone I put on over the last two years (hell, I’d be happy with half of that!).  I set myself a menu chart and followed it the whole week.  I have to say, I didn’t worry about calories but looked for filling meals to stop me snacking. It worked.  I had no crisps, biscuits or anything non-fruit related for snacks until the weekend (when I decided to give myself a break).  I also had no wine during the week and cut out white bread.  The plan is the same for this week, so fingers crossed I’ll be another lb or so lighter next week!


And that’s it for this week.  What do you think.  It feels likes a lot of changes but also doable.  I’ll let you know next Monday how I did.  Do you ever set short term goals to make it through a week or a month or are you a longer term planner?

Emma x




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