December in a sentence a day

Last month, I came across this post on Natalie the Explorer’s blog and thought it was great. She, and some other bloggers, share their month in a sentence a day. I thought it would be fun to join in, and last month I did.  I really enjoyed looking back on what I’d been up to – and feeling grateful for all the good in my life.  So, I’m doing it again, taking one last look at 2017 before I look forward to 2018 and what I want to achieve.  Here’s what I did…

1st: Went to Birmingham for the weekend.  After a rather long drive (3 hours!), I got to spend even longer with some of my best friends, drinking wine and catching up until two in the morning – who knew I still had it in me.

2nd: Took my daughter to catch up with her friends with a three hour playdate at a whacky warehouse followed by a trip to the German Market, where we ate brawts and drank beer.  Tasty! 

3rd: A long drive back home, with a quick stop into McDonalds for breakfast to keep the spirits and energy up.

4th: Had some bad / stressful news which I won’t go into yet as it’s not fully resolved, making for a pretty crappy day and the need for wine by tea time.

5th: Spent time working on my new business website – which I hope to launch the next few days – I am sooooo not an expert but I managed to develop a header I actually like…go me!  On the blog: Tried and Tested: Pure Freeze Dried Cat Food


6th: Continued to work on the website and also do some proofreading practice, which I hope to start doing longer term as I move away from bid writing and project management.

7th: Did Christmas craft afternoon at my daughters school.  We made some fun stuff, though our skill level left a lot to the imagination (that or we were distracted by giggling too much).  On the blog: Made it myself: Leek, pepper, and egg “bake”


8th: Yay Friday!  Went to the pub to celebrate the end of the week (as you do).

9th: Took my daughter and her friends to a recreational trampoline session and felt very jealous I wasn’t taking part.

10th: My husband’s baseball practice started up again, resulting in pulled ligaments and a trip to A&E.

11th: Spent day out doing last of Christmas shopping and getting ready for the holidays.  The tree is due to go up at the weekend so the baubles and lights came out and were checked (only to blow once they were on the tree!).

12th: The bad / stressful news we got on the 5th came to somewhat of a resolution – we’re still waiting for the final “all systems are go” news but hopefully this will come soon.

13th: Had kitchen tap replaced – it doesn’t sound like much but the last one would spray water in all directions leading to random soakings so it made me happy.  On the blog: Favourite things #4: The Christmas Edition


14th: Christmas jumper day at school – a wonderful opportunity for the kids to start getting in the holiday spirit and raise money for a good cause.

15th: Met up with old colleagues for an Action Learning Set (a chance to meet with others to look at problems in a safe environment) followed by a catch up lunch.  I was slightly nervous about seeing people and wondered if I’d miss work.  No need to worry and no missing of work.  Great day.

16th: A day of trampolining – first up we went to a rec session where my daughter started to learn the back flip – then we went to the Christmas party where she won an award for her age group.  So proud of her for all her hard work.  Oh, then had a bit of a dance.

17th: Got our tree.  A bit later than normal but last year it was so droopy and dry by new year I wanted to wait a little longer this time.

18th: Met a friend for coffee and had a good old gossip.  Just what I needed.

19th: Went and bought all the Christmas food.  The trolley was full, full, full.

20th: Went and had a lovely lunch with my mom followed by a CACI jowl lift.  I didn’t see much of a difference in my jowls but I was glowing by the end.

21st: Went to see Snow White at the panto.  Oh no you didn’t…Oh yes I did! Said bye bye to blogging and social media for 2017.


22nd: Met my old boss for a lovely lunch in York then we wandered around the shops gossiping and picking up last minute bits and bobs.  Was good to catch up.

23rd: The final countdown for the big day begins – aka as an excuse to eat cheese, cheese and more cheese.

24th: Mom and dad came over for Christmas Eve, spending the night so they can see my daughter open presents.  Watched Bright – two hours of my life I will never get back and not a movie I can recommend.

25th: The big day.  Great time spent with family, opening presents, eating too much and singing badly on the karaoke machine.

26th: Our annual Boxing Day trip to Whitby for fish and chips, some fresh sea air, and attempts to win money on the tupenny machines.

27th: Woke up full of cold.  Spent the day in bed feeling sorry for myself and watching housewives.

28th: Rallied enough to go to Beamish for the day.   It was so much fun but soooooo cold.

29th: Took my daughter out to spend her Christmas money – not that she needs any more toys.

30th: Went bowling.  I lost – again!

31st: Went to see Paddington 2 then home for more movies and nibbles and fizz to see the New Year in.  Hello 2018!

And that’s it.  I’ve really enjoyed looking back on the month.  It’s made me smile and made me realise how lucky I am.  I look forward to January and hope it brings some good news work wise as I kick my working for myself up a notch.  What about you – what did you get up to in December?

Emma x


5 thoughts on “December in a sentence a day

  1. I like this idea, and I might have to try it at some point. It would certainly help with those days when I shake my head and wonder what I did the previous week.

    I like the idea of a Boxing Day. Since I read a lot of British fiction, I know what it is, of course…but I like how it conjures up an ongoing celebration post-Christmas.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh what a fun idea and how interesting to see how your month went! Seeing Snow White seems like so much fun and yay for getting the kitchen tap fixed! It’s amazing how nice it is to have things that work properly but I always find I put off fixing them for far too long. I always lose at bowling. It’s the rule. I’ve gotten to where I just lose by a few points versus 20 so I’ll take it!


    • It is a great idea so I’m glad I stole it 😜 it’s nice to realise I do more than I sometimes realise! I feel like I should be allowed bumpers with bowling. It’s the only chance I’ll ever have if winning x


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