Made it myself (now to take a decent photo!)


I love being in the kitchen (and not just at party’s – sorry I had to!) and I love baking and cooking.  I spend hours pouring over cookery books and tearing recipes from magazines, planning my next meal or – even better – my next desert.  Unfortunately, not everything I make turns our exactly as planned.

In my family, it was a running joke that if it looked good it would likely taste awful but if it looked awful, then it would likely taste great.  Slowly but surely, though, I think I’m getting there and – over the last year – I’ve noticed that what I make is starting to look more like what is on the page. 

Mousse cake 3

Mine, unfortunately, is half the height – but I did use half the ingredients as I didn’t need to serve 12, just five people (and one of them is technically a half as she’s seven).  Not dad though I didn’t think.

The next one for soup, I chose the roasted onion option vs. the ham and tomato twists.  It’s all a bit too blurry that’s to my messing with too many options on my photo-editing software so lesson learned there.

Cauliflower Cheese Soup Collage

This is the closest I’ve got to my food looking like the receipt – Mary Berry’s Apple and Raspberry Muffins.  I was rather proud of these.


Of course, things don’t always go to plan…

vegetable tarts

Not only did this not look anything like the picture, it didn’t taste anywhere near as good as I’d hoped either.

Still, I’m getting there.  Now that I’ve started to blog my recipes I’ve decided not only do they need to look good, they need to photograph well.  That’s the bit I struggle with if I’m honest – I think I need more “bits” to put in my photos vs. just plonking whatever I’ve made in a bowl or on a plate.  I know there’s more to it than that and I feel a google coming on but anything anyone out there can say to help me on my way would be gratefully appreciated.  In the meantime, it’s back to the kitchen for me…

Emma x



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22 thoughts on “Made it myself (now to take a decent photo!)

  1. You’re doing great! They all look amazing to me. As for the photography – it’s all about the lighting, angles, composition and props! Look at heaps of professional food photography photo’s for inspiration. Good luck – what fun! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife


  2. Oh I can so relate. There’s a Mary Berry coffee and walnut cake that I nearly always make for Mum when I go back to England, and it never looks as good as the photos in the book – actually I think I might even have adapted one recipe from her coffee and walnut fairy cakes, which is par for the course for me not really sticking to the recipes 100%, which means #notquiteasgoodever! But your Mary Berry muffins look superb. Ten out of ten! By the way thanks for finding me today via #lovinlife


  3. They all look so natural and beautiful ! I do like to present the food (in my blog) in the same way I serve to my family. I am not a chef and I am just serving them to my family so I feel there is no need to play gimmicks !


    • Yes, I think props are key. I’m only just starting out so lots to learn. It’s making them interesting and I just don’t quite know how. Thanks for stopping by x


  4. Oh, it looks like both the cooking and photography are spot on Emma. My food never looks like the recipe is supposed to which is why I rarely share pics of my own cooking. Chocolate I’m eating or books I’m reading, yes!!!

    I also don’t think I’ve got a very good ‘eye’ for taking photographs. Others seem to arrange things so they look beautiful and I just don’t have that knack! #teamlovinlife


    • Thank you. I’m not sure I have the eye either but I guess it can be learnt. I’m just always relieved things turn out after years of things that looked oh so bad.


  5. I blog a lot of recipes and sometimes it’s so hard to style things nicely – especially soup and brown food under artificial lighting. I’m hopeless at it, but trying to get better. the biggest challenge is taking the photo before it gets eaten!

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    • I’m probably cooking a lot of the wrong foods LOL. I have read you should take photos in the garden but as I am always just about to serve up like you say, I don’t really have time.


  6. If photographing food is anywhere near as difficult as photographing yourself then I can entirely relate! I had to take a selfie for a guest post and I was atrocious at it! Good on you for working on your technique – I am impressed that you cook so well and that you actually want to photograph it for your blog 🙂


    • Oh I have never taken a good selfie. As for the wanting to photograph it I am not sure if there is a choice if I want to share my recipes. Maybe one day I can hire someone 😜 thanks for stopping by x


  7. My daughter once did a photo shoot for a teen magazine and in the same building was the photography for the food for New Idea. I couldn’t believe the process they went through to get those pictures! Special set up kitchenettes with big cameras on tracks and lighting etc with white walls and perfectly prepared food that was so artistic. A lot of work! Not the real world at all. Your photos are great by the way, Your food looks good. I like Jamie Oliver for that. His food always looks so “real” and manageable. Not as perfect looking as so many recipe books.


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