Made it myself: French Toast (with an ice-cream twist)


I am a big believer in breakfast – well on a weekend at least, where we tend to go all out on at least one of the two “S” days.  One of the things I like best is it gets the family round the table (with even my mom and dad coming over) and there isn’t much better than that.

A firm favourite is French Toast, which I have been making for years.  It isn’t your standard “eggy bread” in that it’s pretty much a heart attack on a plate given how much cream I use but it’s oh so good. 

Recently, I read a book (Nothing Stays Buried by P J Tracy) that had a different twist on the toast – adding vanilla ice cream.  As soon as I read that, I wanted to try it.  It seemed to make perfect sense.  So I did.  The results were good but, interestingly, it was a split decision as to which was the preferred.

Again, it won’t do much for your arteries but, sometimes, you just can’t worry can you?

If either of these sound appealing, this is how you make them…

You will need:


3 eggs
150 ml whole milk
150 ml single cream or 150 ml of good vanilla ice-cream, melted
1/2 vanilla pod (for the non-ice-cream version)
2 tbsp sugar (for the non-ice-cream version)
8 slices of brioche
Butter (for frying the toast)
Fruit and maple syrup for topping (optional)


1. Beat the eggs and mix in the milk, cream, vanilla and sugar.
2. Soak each slice of brioche for a couple of minutes (turning over so both sides are coated).
3. Melt a knob of butter in a pan and add the brioche, cooking until golden brown on both sides
4. Put on a baking tray in a warm over while you cook the others – this puffs the bread up a bit, which I like, though I imagine you could also keep warm in tin foil.

When they are all done, top with fruit, icing sugar and serve with maple syrup.



Emma x


3 thoughts on “Made it myself: French Toast (with an ice-cream twist)

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