Music for Monday: Ghost Town by The Specials


This weekend we were away, doing all types of Halloween-y things, including dancing one too many times to The Time Warp and Monster Mash.  It was fun though and, at first I was going to share one of these songs with you today.  Then, yesterday, whilst carving pumpkins and talking ghosts I started singing Ghost Town by The Specials.  And now it’s stuck in my head and I can’t get it out.  I know technically it’s not a spooky song (given it’s about how crappy life was in the late 70’s if you were unemployed in Britain – though maybe that makes it a scary song?) but it’s got ghost in the title so it fits – kind of – with the season….

This song came out just when I was getting into music that wasn’t pure pop and I still remember how different it felt to listen to it – plus, there was a political message – which is something I have always been attracted to in my music. It’s ended up on numerous playlists over the years, as it has now, and I’m thinking a lot of you will have heard it given it was a big hit (at least in the UK).

If you have (and like it) – enjoy! If you haven’t – what do you think?

Emma x


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